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Crusader and pioneer of Shopper marketing, Siemon Scamell-Katz was the founder in 1991 of ID Magasin, the international shopper strategy consultancy. Acquired in 2006 by TNS he became Global Innovation Director of TNS Retail and Shopper.
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One of the First

The Practitioner of Shopper Research
Siemon was one of the very first practitioners of shopper research, being the first in the world to conduct eye-tracking in-store, to research shopper behaviour in Virtual Reality and to conduct shopper marketing fMRI and eye tracking studies. Importantly it is through work with the leading global brands and retailers, using a combination of shopper research, global insight and strategic consultancy that he believes he has delivered most.
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The Art of Shopping

Author of the best-selling book
Scamell-Katz is the author of “The Art of Shopping”, one of the world’s most powerful books on shopper behaviour.

On a good day, Siemon Scamell-Katz can be quite amusing, so he’s a popular speaker and commentator on the shopper and shopper-based business. He is enthusiastic, nay passionate, when it comes to embedding shopper insight and using it to drive strategy. He’s also pretty keen on his kids, art and cricket: the order varies sometimes.

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